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I have got a job in Montreal and thus want to know few details of Montreal.?
The cost of rent depends mainly on the size of the apartment or house, and the neighbourhood where it is situated. If you try to rent a 2 bedroom apartment (known as a 4 1/2) in Westmount, you will usually pay over $1000 per month, but the same apartment in Verdun may only cost $650. If you choose to live out in the suburbs, you might be able to get that apartment for $500. To get an idea of pricing, you can review the website and do a search for rentals in Montreal. If you live on the island of Montreal, the best way to travel is by public transit. Every part of the island is serviced by buses. There are also at least two commuter train lines going through the western part of Montreal that takes you downtown. Finally, the reliable and safe subway system (Metro) covers most of the downtown core and parts of the east end and Laval. You can see some maps of the areas covered at the website below: If you are considering buying a car and using that for driving to work and back, keep in mind that gas prices are fairly high in Montreal (presently $1.05 per litre, or over $4.20 per gallon), parking downtown is expensive, and there are often traffic problems if you live off island and try to commute in. For groceries, I usually allot about $50 per person per week, although this depends on what calibre of foods you eat, and whether you are good at buying items on sale, or with coupons. We have Loblaws, Metro, Super-C, IGA, and Maxi as the major supermarket chains. The IGA supermarkets have their circular online along with a virtual store so you can get an idea of prices and brands available. If you are not familiar with Quebec, they are a special case in Canada. We are one of (if not) the only province that has to file two income tax federal, one provincial. On $75,000 of employment income, I would pay about $10,200 of federal tax, and $11,800 of provincial tax. That does not include mandatory employment insurance premiums and contributions to RRQ (Quebec pension plan). You can also expect to pay the federal GST (TPS 5%) on most items you buy in a store or services provided to you. Along with that, you will pay Provincial Sales Tax (TVQ 7.5%) on top of the GST you just paid, because the Quebec government taxes you after they add the federal tax to your bill.

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